The Widowmaker appeared on the battlefield

Gaz was petrified

He never thought he would live to see one

Now he wonders if he will survive her attack

All the soldiers band together to fight

The sound of gunfire illuminates the night

They take heavy blows on both sides

The Chimera, the Humans and the Widowmaker herself

Gaz led the creature away so the team could focus on the Chimeran ground troops

He led her into a deserted building

But she managed to strike at him with her large talon

He screamed in pain as his leg snapped

But he would not give up so easily

The widowmaker watched him with concentration as he dragged himself to the nearest door

He took something out of his pocket and glared at the Widowmaker

"You will die here, and I WILL survive."

She screeched loudly and raised her leg, ready to strike

He threw an unclipped grenade at the her mouth and used his free hand to open the door

He tumbled down a staircase, just barely dodging her attack

The fall was long, but it was worth it if he survived