New updates coming soon to this wiki:

  • Blue Room Saga update: categories have been added for the Blue Room poem. If you have a story that takes place in the Blue Room universe, you are welcome to post it, but it MUST abide to the timeline of the Resistance series.
  • New monthly challenges.
  • More members (hopefully).

Newcomers must read the "For Newcomers" blog post.

Update, April 29, 2011

Blue Room Saga Main Page has been added. List your stories on the main page and the category page for easy finding. If you write for the Blue Room Saga, add your name to the members list and why you joined. The project community is currently OPEN and will be CLOSED after a certain member amount is reached. If you want to join and the project is closed, you MIGHT be considered if your story is good enough to pass. If not, you will be sent a rejection letter. Project page is located here: The Blue Room Saga Main Page

Update, June 29, 2011

I am creating a Board of Administrators for the Blue Room page. These administrators will handle member submissions and will also have to contribute thier own stories to the Saga. You are not becoming administrator of the wiki, you are becoming administrator of the Blue Room page. To qualify, you must:

  • 1. Have played all the Resistance games
  • 2. Have read all the books related to Resistance
  • 3. Have to be a member of Resistance Wiki and have knowledge of the Resistance timeline
  • 4. Have to be a well-versed and well-written author.
  • 5. Have to dedicate some of your time to the project

I hope this leads to the Blue Room becoming the most well-known community project on the Resistance Fanon wiki....even if it's the only one.