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  • Thedragongod

    I decided to link the DeviantArt group and this Wiki's Twitter. The group was created to house the fan art and stories from this Wiki.

    Group Twitter:!/ResistanceFanon

    DeviantArt Group:

    Join the groups! And I've somewhat given up the Blur Room, but I haven't given up this wiki. I will be adding several new flash stories because Flash Fiction is my specialty. Be on the lookout!

    Ad Astra!

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  • Thedragongod


    March 1, 2012 by Thedragongod

    This wiki is somewhat struggling, but I see a few people are taking interest. I am still here and I will continue writing The Blue Room, I just hope this wiki gets the boom it needs in fan fiction members. Maybe I am too strict with the rules, maybe I should loosen them up?

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  • Thedragongod

    Spruz sister website

    September 9, 2011 by Thedragongod

    Since this wiki seems dead, I decided to make it more active by adding a sister website on the Spruz platform. That does not mean this wiki will be inactive. You must be a member here before going to the sister site. You can dicuss anything related to Resistance, add stories from here to there, and such.

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  • Thedragongod

    New updates coming soon to this wiki:

    • Blue Room Saga update: categories have been added for the Blue Room poem. If you have a story that takes place in the Blue Room universe, you are welcome to post it, but it MUST abide to the timeline of the Resistance series.
    • New monthly challenges.
    • More members (hopefully).

    Newcomers must read the "For Newcomers" blog post.

    Blue Room Saga Main Page has been added. List your stories on the main page and the category page for easy finding. If you write for the Blue Room Saga, add your name to the members list and why you joined. The project community is currently OPEN and will be CLOSED after a certain member amount is reached. If you want to join and the project is closed, you MIGHT be considered if your st…

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  • Thedragongod

    This news just popped in at that Resistance 3 will be compatable with PlayStation Move. I have not had any experience with Move, Kinect and Wii, so I am not sure what it will be like. Read the full story here:

    Let's hope this is a success and hopefully it won't be screwed up.

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