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Welcome to The Resistance Fanon wiki, the wiki where Fanon, poems, stories and fan-novels are welcomed. We are in need of a new layout design and new members. This wiki was created by it's Overseer creator, thedragongod.

If you enjoy the series and have fanon or fan fiction, post it in this Wiki where fans of Resistance will appreciate your work. But you must abide by these simple rules:

  • No vandalism and being rude to other members. Do not steal anyone else's work or we will report you. Do not edit anyone else's work without asking.
  • Enjoy yourself and put passion into your literature and put your username on your work.
  • Fan articles are welcome. Fan created Chimera, music, art and videos are also welcomed.
  • Number One Rule: As a good community, you have the option to review/critique the stories, poems and fan art of others so they can be improved upon. Go to the blog for messages, story promotion and ideas and use the forum for help and discussions.

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Inside La wiki

New members are welcomed to post their fan art, poems and novels. Discussions about upcoming games should be held in the forum, and the blog is for other undecided mess.


Newest Stories

Newest story this week is Resistance: Fall of the Abridged by Zac Attack. The story is a comedic take on the first game in the Resistance series.

| In the Blue Room is a new weekly story-poem uploaded by the Administrator. The poem details the events of a young man caught aboard a Chimeran Ship during the takeover of the United States. For fan artists, if the story interests you, you are encouraged to draw illustrations to accompany the poem. "In the Blue Room" is also a collaborative effort to expand the poem into a Fanon universe of novels and poems.

This wiki has been newly created for the sake of Resistance and so all those fan fictions will have a place all their own.

Resistance 3 Leaked Gameplay

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  • Thedragongod

    I decided to link the DeviantArt group and this Wiki's Twitter. The group was created to house the fan art and stories from this Wiki.

    Group Twitter:!/ResistanceFanon

    DeviantArt Group:

    Join the groups! And I've somewhat given up the Blur…

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  • Thedragongod


    March 1, 2012 by Thedragongod

    This wiki is somewhat struggling, but I see a few people are taking interest. I am still here and I will continue writing The Blue Room, I just hope this wiki gets the boom it needs in fan fiction members. Maybe I am too strict with the rules, maybe I should loosen them up?

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  • Thedragongod

    Spruz sister website

    September 9, 2011 by Thedragongod

    Since this wiki seems dead, I decided to make it more active by adding a sister website on the Spruz platform. That does not mean this wiki will be inactive. You must be a member here before going to the sister site. You can dicuss anything related to Resistance, add stories from here to there, and…

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  • Thedragongod

    New updates coming soon to this wiki:

    • Blue Room Saga update: categories have been added for the Blue Room poem. If you have a story that takes place in the Blue Room universe, you are welcome to post it, but it MUST abide to the timeline of the Resistance series.
    • New monthly challenges.
    • More members (…
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