For those that want to write for The Projector, please leave a paragraph sample of your article in the newspaper. You will be sent a message if you are accepted into The Projector staff. Leave your wiki name and/or your presumed name for the paper.


  • Week 1: Adrianna Fetch
  • Week 2: Adrianna Fetch
  • Week 3: No one has been selected
  • Week 4: No one has been selected
  • Week 5: No one has been selected

Adrianna Fetch will assign a week to every member of the staff. As part of the staff, your job is to go out and explore: find whatever news you can dig up. It's hard times, but that does not mean the need for news has died out. Staff members' names will be listed by the corresponding week and will be messaged when they are selected. The best thing about The Projector is that you do not have to rely on human time to submit your news. You can write it now and send it to Adrianna.

Staff NewsEdit

  • 5/7/11: There will be a delay in delivering the story for Week 2 of The Projector. I know this could mean a strike in our good reputation (even though we just started), but we'll manage. I do have sighting photos of Goliaths, so that will help ease my writing block...if there is anything to ease. --Adrianna