In this poetry-story, a young man wakes up inside a Chimeran ship, and in order to escape he must face the Chimeran beast that he fears. Further chapters will explore his life background and his journey to find someone close to him. This is the prologue chapter of Book One.


He awoke with a gasp
He was not in his room
The air was hot, not humid
And he could hear the voices

He jumped off whatever they had strapped him to
He grabbed his rifle and grenades
He made his way down winding halls and ominous corridors
And tried to avoid them at every turn
But they knew he was there
They intentionally acted as if he never existed
As if he never crossed their paths
And he knew of their ploy

He took the long path
To a room full of cocoons
This unintentional turn of events had nearly cost him his life
Horrid creatures sprung from the cocoons in a bloody mess
They resembled decrepit zombies with a deep passion for human blood

The lone survivor shouted in fury
As he swiftly shot a barrage of bullets at the sweeping army of thirty three
And when the last one fell he knew his cover was blown

He ran to where the VTOL had crashed
And saw the captain laying there in his own blood
He knew the man was dead
The seats were soaked with blood
Even worse, his only way out was damaged
The VTOL’s gas tank was ruptured

They did this

He now had one choice open to him
He had to cross paths with the sea monster

He retraced his footsteps
And this time the Chimera did not hold back
He ducked behind walls, pillars and anything worth used as cover
And through the duration of this assault he could almost hear it laughing

You’re so stupid it’s laughable

He bawled his fists around the grenade
And threw it with all the strength his tired body could muster
Two of the aliens managed to jump out of the way
While others weren’t so lucky
It was easy for him to eliminate the last two
But he knew there was one left in his way

He ran down the halls as quickly as he could
Before another onslaught could get him
And that’s when he entered the blue room
That’s where she stayed
That’s where it resides

To the left of him was the staircase that led to glory
But before him were the shimmering waters
And that’s when she violently broke through the wall
She screamed at him, her voice loud and resonant
He stood defiant as he looked her in the face
And he knew he had to suppress all the fear