Bellerophon Alpha
Bellerophon Alpha
Political information
Type of faction / organizationSuper Soldier Resistance
Head of StateMassachussetts
  • Reese Washington
  • Michelle Allen
  • Commander-in-chief
  • Felix Kirk
  • Buck Dale
  • George Jacobson
  • Joe Black
  • Reid Blake
  • Societal information
    Motto(s)"Death to Chimera"
  • BR-60
  • BP-64
  • Vehicles
  • Hovercraft
  • Dropships
  • Spacecraft
  • Allied Species
  • Human/Chimeran Hybrids
  • Gender
  • Males
  • Females
  • Historical information
    EraChimeran War
    Date of establishment1960

    Bellerophon Alpha is the codename for a group of resistance fighters that are known to have been involved in the Liberation of America by the 1960s.


    After discovering the powers and abilities possessed by Reese Washington; Dr. Igor Lebowski managed to create a serum from a sample of his DNA and gave it to the primary fighters of their resistance group; giving them the same capabilities as Washington. They started winning against the death squads of the Chimeran Hybrids; as well as Widowmakers and even Leviathons. Within a couple of years; the group destroyed almost every single Chimeran troop and monster; feral or not, across the United States.


    By 1964; Bellerophon Alpha had completely cleansed the Americas of the Chimeran filth that infested it; which led to one more matter; taking back the rest of the world for the people. They started in the United Kingdom where they met Maquis member and former Colonel of the British Army; Rachel Parker.