Bellerophon Rifle 1960

Bellerophon Alpha


Human/Chimeran Hybrid Assault Rifle

Technical specifications
Magazine Size
  • 30-50 Round Magazine
  • 100-200 Round Drum
  • Maximum Ammunition
  • 50 Rounds (Magazine)
  • 200 Rounds (Drum)
  • Primary Fire

    Full Automatic

    Secondary Fire
  • Energy Rounds
  • Energy Transient Rounds
  • Ammunition
  • .303 British
  • 7.92x57mm Mauser
  • 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Energy Round
  • Rate of Fire







    The BR-60 (Bellerophon Rifle 1960) is a Human/Chimeran Hybrid Assault Rifle first developed by Reese Washington.

    Early StartEdit

    By the 1960's Reese was infected with the Chimeran Virus; which in turn gave him knowledge on their biology, weapons and technology. This inspired Reese to take an Auger, a Bullseye and a Folsom M5A2 Carbine and combine them into a new weapon to help win the war against the Chimerans. Soon after the working prototype was successfully tested by Michelle Allen; the weapon started full production and were used by Bellerophon Alpha. The weapon was also tested in battle and outperformed expectations.

    4 Years LaterEdit

    By 1964; the BR-60 was known as "The Gun that won America" and compared to the other weapons it surpassed the weapons used by the Chimerans and Humans.

    Functions & AmmunitionEdit

    The BR-60 is known to be a heavy hitter on the frontlines and the battlefield.

    Conventional AmmunitionEdit

    The conventional ammunition of the BR-60 is known to be adaptable to every model. 2 battle rifle ammunitions; the 7.92x57mm Mauser and the .303 British are the most powerful of the conventional ammo. One of the lighter hitters is the 5.56x45mm NATO; which was made in 1963 and is mostly used against Hybrids and small machines.

    Unconventional AmmunitionEdit

    Taking the ammunition from the Bullseye and the Auger; the BR-60 uses an ammunition similar to that of the Bullseye. In fact there are 2 different Bullseye ammunitions; one is the standard energy; the other is known to shoot through solid objects like the Auger.

    Scope SettingsEdit

    The scope on the rifle is known to be capable of becoming both a regular scope and electronic scope.

    Regular Scope SettingsEdit

    The Scope's standard settings are as followed.

    • Normal Spectrum
    • Zoom

    Advanced ScopeEdit

    The scope's advanced settings are as followed.

    • Automated Targeting System
    • Night/Thermal/Infared/X-Ray Vision
    • Holographic Ammunition Counter


    The weapon is known to be a self loading weapon; both with conventional and unconventional ammunition. It is also known to be resistant to electromagnetic radiation; as well as capable of resisting direct hits from Augers, Bullseyes and carbines. The weapon also possesses a counter on the side which will beep when it hits zero and then place another clip into the weapon and it will lock in place for bullets and power up with energy rounds. The pistol and foregrip of the weapon has a ID print scanner; that will respond to each person's individual fingerprint; if someone unauthorized touches the weapon; it will not fire and will send a 200 volt shock through it's body. It also has a voice command system; allowing the user to switch between fire modes and various scope sights.